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Greek Baby Boy Names

Greek Baby Boy Names including Meanings of Names.
M/F Name Origin Meaning Rating Favorites
Dionysus Greek celebration. Mythology: the god of wine
Doran Greek gift
Dorian Greek from Doris, Greece
Dorien Greek a form of Dorian
Dorion Greek a form of Dorian
Doroteo Greek gift of God
Dorrian Greek a form of Dorian
Dositeo Greek God's possession
Dyonis Greek Dionicio
Eco Greek sound, resonance
Edco Greek he who blows with force
Edelio Greek person who always remains young
Edilio Greek he who is like a statue
Edipo Greek he who has swollen feet
Egidio Greek he who carries the goatskin sword in bat..
Egisto Greek raised on goat's milk
Eladio Greek he who came from Greece
Elenio Greek he who shines like the sun
Eleodoro Greek he who comes from the sun
Eleuterio Greek he who enjoys liberty for being honest
Elias Greek a form of Elijah
Elido Greek native of Elida
Elisandro Greek liberator of men
Elmo Greek lovable, friendly
Elpidio Greek he who has hopes
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