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Native American Baby Boy Names

Native American Baby Boy Names including Meanings of Names.
M/F Name Origin Meaning Rating Favorites
Ahanu Native Ame.. laughter
Ahdik Native Ame.. caribou; reindeer
Akecheta Native Ame.. A name signifying "warrior." From the Da..
Akule Native Ame.. he looks up
Anoki Native Ame.. actor
Atsidi Native Ame.. Literally meaning "hammer," this Navajo ..
Awan Native Ame.. somebody
Bly Native Ame.. high
Chapa Native Ame.. "beaver." From the Dakota or Lakota.
Chapowits Native Ame.. "many coyotes." From the Nez Perce or Sa..
Chesmu Native Ame.. gritty
Chuslum Native Ame.. A Nez Perce or Sahaptin word for "bull."..
Cochise Native Ame.. The name of a great Apache chief.
Dakota Native Ame.. "friend." Also a tribal name. Another sp..
Delsin Native Ame.. he is so
Demothi Native Ame.. talks while walking
Diwali Native Ame.. "bowls." Colonel Bowles, Cherokee chief,..
Dohasan Native Ame.. A name from the Kiowa line of chiefs mea..
Dohate Native Ame.. "bluff." Another Kiowa name.
Dyami Native Ame.. soaring eagle
Elan Native Ame.. friendly
Elsu Native Ame.. swooping, soaring falcon
Enapay Native Ame.. A Dakota or Lakota name that means "goes..
Enyeto Native Ame.. walks like a bear
Etu Native Ame.. sunny
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