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English Baby Names

English Baby Boy Names and Baby Girl Names including Meanings of Names.
M/F Name Origin Meaning Rating Favorites
Spark English happy
Spear English spear carrier
Speedy English quick; successful
Spence English a short form of Spencer
Spencer Top100 Baby Name English dispenser of provisions
Spenser English a form of Spencer
Spike English ear of grain; long nail
Spoor English spur maker
Spreckley English twigs
Spring English springtime
Springsteen English stream by the rocks
Sproule English energetic
Spurgeon English shrub
Squire English knight's assistant; large landholder
Stacia English a short form of Anastasia
Stafford English riverbank landing
Stamford English a form of Stanford
Stan English a short form of Stanley
Stanbuck English challenger of fate
Stanbury English stone fortification
Stancil English beam
Stancliff English stony cliff
Standish English stony parkland
Stanfield English stony field
Stanley English "stony meadow." Film director Stanley Ku..
Note: = Boy Names = Girl Names = Names suitable for both gender

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