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Greek Baby Names

Greek Baby Boy Names and Baby Girl Names including Meanings of Names.
M/F Name Origin Meaning Rating Favorites
Yone Greek a form of Yolanda
Yoni Greek a form of Yanni
Yorgos Greek a form of George
Yris Greek a form of Iris
Ysidro Greek a short form of Isidore
Yuridia Greek noblewoman
Zale Greek sea strength
Zander Greek a short form of Alexander
Zandi Greek a form of Sandi
Zandra Greek a form of Sandra
Zandria Greek a form of Zandra
Zandrine Greek a form of Sandrine
Zanthe Greek a form of Xanthe
Zebina Greek hunter's dart
Zeina Greek a form of Zena
Zelena Greek a form of Selena
Zena Greek a form of Xenia
Zenadia Greek she who is dedicated to God
Zenaida Greek white-winged dove
Zenaide Greek a form of Zenaida
Zenia Greek a form of Zena
Zeno Greek cart; harness. History: a Greek philosop..
Zenobia Greek sign, symbol. History: a queen who ruled..
Zenobio Greek life of Zeus
Zenon Greek he who lives
Note: = Boy Names = Girl Names = Names suitable for both gender

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