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Native American Baby Names

Native American Baby Boy Names and Baby Girl Names including Meanings of Names.
M/F Name Origin Meaning Rating Favorites
Talma Native Ame.. thunder
Tama Native Ame.. "sudden crash (of thunder)." Name of a F..
Tashunka Native Ame.. "horse," this Dakota or Lakota name deri..
Tate Native Ame.. long-winded talker
Tawa Native Ame.. "sun." From the Hopi.
Tiponya Native Ame.. great honored owl
Tohon Native Ame.. cougar
Tokala Native Ame.. "gray fox." From the Dakota or Lakota.
Tsomah Native Ame.. "yellow hair." From the Kiowa.
Tsula Native Ame.. The Cherokee word for "fox."
Tusa Native Ame.. From the Zuni meaning "prairie dog."
Tyee Native Ame.. chief
Unaduti Native Ame.. "bushy-headed." Dennis W. Bushyhead was ..
Utina Native Ame.. woman of my country
Wakiza Native Ame.. determined warrior
Wanekia Native Ame.. "makes life." From the Paiute, a Uto-Azt..
Waneta Native Ame.. "charger," it is the name of notable Yan..
Wapi Native Ame.. lucky
Washta Native Ame.. "good." From the Dakota or Lakota
Wattan Native Ame.. The Arapaho word for "black."
Wauna Native Ame.. "snow geese honking." Of Miwok or Moquel..
Wemilat Native Ame.. all give to him
Wemilo Native Ame.. all speak to him
Wenutu Native Ame.. clear sky
Wichado Native Ame.. willing
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