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Native American Baby Names

Native American Baby Boy Names and Baby Girl Names including Meanings of Names.
M/F Name Origin Meaning Rating Favorites
Otadan Native Ame.. plentiful
Otskai Native Ame.. "going out." From the Nez Perce or Sahap..
Otu Native Ame.. collecting seashells in a basket
Pala Native Ame.. water
Palladin Native Ame.. fighter
Pana Native Ame.. "partridge." From the Blackfoot, an Algo..
Papina Native Ame.. A name that means "vine growing on oak t..
Patamon Native Ame.. raging
Patwin Native Ame.. man
Payat Native Ame.. he is on his way
Peopeo Native Ame.. A Nez Perce or Sahaptiu name meaning "bi..
Petunia Native Ame.. flower
Pezi Native Ame.. "grass." From the Dakota or Lakota.
Pillan Native Ame.. supreme essence
Powa Native Ame.. wealthy
Quanah Native Ame.. "fragrant." From the Comanche, an Uto-Az..
Rozene Native Ame.. rose blossom
Sahale Native Ame.. falcon
Sahkonteic Native Ame.. "white eagle." From the Nez Perce or Sah..
Sahpooly Native Ame.. The Kiowa word for "owl."
Sakima Native Ame.. king
Sakuna Native Ame.. bird
Samoset Native Ame.. "he walks over much," this is Wampanoag ..
Sani Native Ame.. "old." From the Najavo.
Sanuye Native Ame.. "red clouds at sunset." A Miwok or Moque..
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