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Native American Baby Names

Native American Baby Boy Names and Baby Girl Names including Meanings of Names.
M/F Name Origin Meaning Rating Favorites
Gomda Native Ame.. "wind." Of Kiowa origin.
Gosheven Native Ame.. great leaper
Guyapi Native Ame.. candid
Hachi Native Ame.. "stream." From the Seminole.
Hahnee Native Ame.. beggar
Hakan Native Ame.. fiery
Halona Native Ame.. fortunate
Heinmot Native Ame.. A Nez Perce or Sahaptin name meaning "th..
Helaku Native Ame.. sunny day
Helki Native Ame.. touched
Hemene Native Ame.. "wolf." Of Nez Perce or Sahaptin origin...
Heta Native Ame.. racer
Hialeah Native Ame.. Probably means "pretty prairie." From th..
Hinun Native Ame.. spirit of the storm
Hohots Native Ame.. Nez Perce or Sahaptin for "bear."
Holata Native Ame.. "alligator." From the Seminole, a member..
Honovi Native Ame.. strong
Hototo Native Ame.. whistler
Huslu Native Ame.. hairy bear
Hute Native Ame.. star
Huyana Native Ame.. "falling rain." From the Miwok or Moquel..
Igashu Native Ame.. wanderer; seeker
Imala Native Ame.. strong-minded
Inteus Native Ame.. proud; unashamed
Isekemu Native Ame.. slow-moving creek
Note: = Boy Names = Girl Names = Names suitable for both gender

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