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Native American Baby Names

Native American Baby Boy Names and Baby Girl Names including Meanings of Names.
M/F Name Origin Meaning Rating Favorites
Langundo Native Ame.. peaceful
Lenno Native Ame.. man
Leotie Native Ame.. prairie flower
Litonya Native Ame.. The Miwok or Moquelumnan word for "hummi..
Liwanu Native Ame.. "growling bear." Miwok or Moquelumnan in..
Lomasi Native Ame.. pretty flower
Lonato Native Ame.. flint stone
Lulu Native Ame.. hare
Magena Native Ame.. coming moon
Mahala Native Ame.. powerful woman
Mahkah Native Ame.. A name that signifies "earth." From the ..
Mahwah Native Ame.. "wolf," this name springs from Algonquia..
Makya Native Ame.. "eagle hunter." Hopi in origin.
Malina Native Ame.. soothing
Mansi Native Ame.. "Indian paintbrush (flower)." From the H..
Maska Native Ame.. powerful
Masou Native Ame.. fire god
Mato Native Ame.. "bear." From the Dakota or Lakota.
Matoskah Native Ame.. "white bear." From the Siouan languages ..
Mausi Native Ame.. plucked flower
Meda Native Ame.. prophet; priestess
Meleena Native Ame.. a form of Malina
Melvern Native Ame.. great chief
Menewa Native Ame.. A name signifying "great warrior." From ..
Micco Native Ame.. Seminole for "chief."
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