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Native American Baby Names

Native American Baby Boy Names and Baby Girl Names including Meanings of Names.
M/F Name Origin Meaning Rating Favorites
Sapata Native Ame.. dancing bear
Satinka Native Ame.. sacred dancer
Setangya Native Ame.. "sitting bear." From the Kiowa
Shada Native Ame.. pelican
Shadia Native Ame.. a form of Shada
Shappa Native Ame.. See Chapa.
Shenandoah Native Ame.. Oneida chief, born about 1716, died 1816..
Shyann Native Ame.. a form of Shyanna
Shyanna Native Ame.. a form of Cheyenne
Shyanne Native Ame.. a form of Sheyanne
Sibeta Native Ame.. "finding a fish under a rock." From the ..
Sihu Native Ame.. flower; bush
Sinopa Native Ame.. either "kit foxes" or "Piegans." From th..
Sisika Native Ame.. songbird
Siwili Native Ame.. long fox's tail
Songan Native Ame.. strong
Sora Native Ame.. chirping songbird
Soso Native Ame.. tree squirrel dining on pine nuts; chubb..
Tadan Native Ame.. plentiful
Tadewi Native Ame.. The Omaha word for "wind."
Tadi Native Ame.. "wind." From the Omaha.
Taima Native Ame.. "thunderbolt." Source unknown.
Taini Native Ame.. "new moon." From the Omaha.
Takala Native Ame.. Hopi for "corn tassel."
Tala Native Ame.. stalking wolf
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